About the Blog

I consider photography a hobby of mine. I’ve grown quite fond of shooting urban and conceptual landscapes. I created this blog to allow more people to enjoy my work.

The name, 1st cold, refers to my favourite day of the year– the day the first blast of winter air sweeps into Austin. When 1st cold happens, the warm summer air is driven out, and the humidity and smell of the air changes. It’s the beginning of something new. Leaves begin to change, the nights begin to be cool, and the weather seems to cleanse Austin from months of humid discomfort.

I hope you enjoy my photos. Feel free to send me feedback if you’d like.

Brian Nunnery

Ps– the blog is titled “1st cold” instead of “first cold” because “first cold” was already taken in free WordPress world. It was a blank page someone created and abandoned. What a shame.

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