To the Summit

By Brian Nunnery

June 8, 2010

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2 Responses to “To the Summit”

  1. In 1962 probably, I also traveled from Austin through Independence Pass to Aspen, in a station wagon with my mother at the wheel and my brother and sister along. There was an Aspen Music Festival, at which I saw the famed French composer Darius Milhaud at the very end of his life. But it was long before Aspen became chic and super-expensive. We got out at the top of the pass (a little later in the season than you, so less snow) and I handled the family movie camera. I took horrible images, panning much too quickly. So we had some nice blurry movies of the place. I can tell you that crossing West Texas from between Austin and Amarillo round-trip was not my idea of an interesting drive. Nothing but hillbilly music on the radio and almost not one single tree.

    • Thanks for your comment, Vincent! The sky and scenery on the pass offered brilliant colors for photography. I was happy to climb the pass on the day it opened – leaving plenty of snow for color contrast.

      Having crossed West Texas more times than I can count, I can relate. Thankfully, the state has raised speed limits on West Texas to 80 to shorten the drive a bit.

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